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    How do I stack multi state objects - slideshows




      This is all new to me, so I could really use your expertise help!


      I am doing my first interactive presentation for my company and Adobe is really giving me a chance to make it look professional, clean and easy to communicate our business. I've downloaded a great template which has really made me understand how to build up an interactive document but there is still lot to learn.


      This is what I need help with:


      I want to stack several slideshows on top of each other - each one linked to a specific photo that reveals information about our destinations on a map.  I've built the map with bulls-eyes that marks the destinations. On click they will show a small photo with the name of the destination which you could click on to get a pop up text-block (button linked via animation to the photo) with information about the destination. When I roll of the photo it disappears and I can move on to the next bulls-eye and click to get information about that destination and so on.  The text is stacked on top of each other and works like a charm (I use show/hide for every photo) but the slideshows... I just don't get it!


      How do I make multi state objects visible for only one destination and then hiding it when clicking on the next destination? The state which is furthest down in layers wont show... What I'm missing?


      Thank you in advance



      Maria Warg