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    ZoomSearch integration question based on Peter's instructions.

    Kutra Level 1

      I am using Peter's instructions for integrating ZoomSearch into RoboHelp 6. However I am using the CGI version of ZoomSearch.

      1. Which file do I import for Method 1? Peter uses "search.html", but the CGI version's has "search.html" has 0 KB. That is, it contains no code! I can import "search_template.html", but I only get a blank page when I view it in the published help. This is because what is required to see the search page is "search.cgi". However, I cannot import NON-HTML files into RoboHelp. What and how do I import? I tried importing "search_template.html", but I still get a blank page in the published help.

      2. Also, in the instructions for editing skin, the ZoomSearch button has to point to "search.html" as per Peter's instructions. Referring to the above dilemna, I would like to make it point to "search.cgi", but I cannot point to NON-HTML files. What should I do?

      Should I go ahead and manually update relevant references to "search.cgi" in the published help?