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    Error with Acrobat PDFMaker - Mail merge


      Hi all
      Recently I have used the Acrobat PDFMaker - Mail merge with MS Office 2016 to create personalised PDF files for several hundred different recipients.

      The first time I used it, everything worked like a charm.


      Now that I tried to use it again the Acrobat PDFMaker - Mail merge started acting weird:

      If I enter the same PDF file name in the box "Specify PDF file name" as I did for the first time I used the programm, all the emails get sent out with a PDF generated generated the first time (and not the new list imported).

      The personalised PDF files only get sent correctly if I change at least one character in the "Specify PDF file name" box.


      Is there a way to maybe clean a cache or re-set the Acrobat PDFMaker - Mail merge to forget previously used names?


      It's quite unfortunate to only be able to use a specific PDF name once. If you need any more details please let me know.


      OS: Windows 10 x64
      Acrobat Pro version: 2017 release (continuous) v 2017.012.20095

      MS Office: 32bit for PC


      thanks for your help!