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    Presenter 7 Publishing Error

    ldragoon01 Level 1
      A coworker and I have each downloaded a copy of Presenter 7. My coworker has used it to add sidebar video to each slide of a 60 slide powerpoint. He is working in PPT 2003. His system crashed and he gave me the USB drive containing the project. I opened the project successfully in my copy of PPT 2007.

      First weird thing: even though if I clicked on Video > Edit on the Presenter tab, and could clearly see and play the sidebar video, when I attempted to publish, I was told that it could not find any of the FLVs. I went ahead and Browsed to the location of each FLV on the drive. I don't really get why it did this, since I had not moved anything on the drive -- the file structure was the same.

      Second weird thing: everything within the Presenter tab appears to work -- except when I hit Publish. Then I receive the following error: "Adobe Presenter has encountered an unexpected problem working with this presentation. Try saving your work to a new file and restarting PowerPoint. If the problem persists, consult the Help menu, or contact support at http://www.adobe.com/support/presenter".

      I assure you, I have tried saving multiple copies of this file, both to my hard drive and the USB drive. I have tried shutting down PowerPoint and restarting it. I also shut down and rebooted my entire system.

      I have searched for possible limitations to the trial version of Presenter online and seen that there are no limits to the trial.

      Sorry for all the backstory, but I know how difficult it is to troubleshoot something like this without the full story. My working theory is that when my coworker's system crashed, it might have corrupted the file.

      Does anyone have any other suggestions or ideas? Any help is very much appreciated, as I am out of ideas. :(

      Thank you in advance.