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    Muse 2017.1 has broken site - elements not visible/misaligned

    ncw92 Level 2



      I am currently working on a site; a test version of the site pre-2017.1 update can be seen here: Jericho Coffee Traders


      After updating Muse to 2017.1 whenever I view a page in my browser to test, page elements are either out of place or simply not visible at all. See screenshot below of the homepage now to compare with the test site:


      Homepage example.jpg


      I haven't changed anything within the site, and have also tried re-applying the same pinning/sizing attributes to see if they work, but to no avail.


      Can anyone shed any light on what is causing this, or if it's a known issue with the new update?


      I can post more images of the pages if requested.


      Many thanks,



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