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    How to move CS5 to a Win 10 laptop

    tdcarp Level 1

      I have a CS5 license I'd like to move to another computer.  I have no idea whether I got the original on CDs, so hope I can download or otherwise install.  I'm assuming my activation key would be used to get the new installation working.  I've done this move before and my notes say to delete the apps from the old laptop before starting to install on the new.  Are there instructions somewhere on how to safely make this move?  Are there issues with CS5 and Win 10 (my current Win 7 and the new Win 10 are both 64bit).

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You could have issues installing CS5 on Windows 10, but you can try and see if it works out.  You could try searching the forums using terms like "CS5 Windows 10" and see if anything pops up that helps identify possible problems.


          You do not have to delete anything, though you can if you prefer (uninstall rather than delete though) - you can keep the files installed.  If you only have one installation working now, then you do not have to do anything - your license allows for two installations to be activated at the same time, so just install and activate on the new machine.  If you have two other installations working now then you need to de-activate at least one of them.  To de-activate just open one of the programs from the suite and choose Help -> Deactivate.

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            tdcarp Level 1

            Ned, thank you very much.


            With a little help from Adobe chat I was able to install CS5 on the new Win 10 machine.  I did deactivate the copy on the old machine just in case (I won't be using cs5 on the old machine once I confirm everything is working).


            DW is the app I needed the most.  It started up, although I haven't done any server config work yet.


            Thanks again.



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              First off all : sorry for my bad English, I'm French


              I'm in the same situation.

              1) So If I correctly understand, there is no need to desintall CS5 on the old machine, but just desactivate. Am I right?


              2) I suppose that I'll need an Internet connexion when I'll desactivate the licence?


              3) I'm hesitating to desactivate first CS5 on the old ladtop (Vista) as I'm not sure it'll work on the new one (W10). Is it possible to install first CS5 on the new laptop, use it as a trial version and if I see it works, transfer the licence?


              4) @tdcap : what are the main problems you face that need a chat when you transfered on W10?


              Thank you so much.

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                tdcarp Level 1

                You're English is quite good!  Far, far better than my French.


                Yes, there is no reason to uninstall, and you may not need to deactivate (which allows you to make sure CS5 works on the new machine before deactivating and/or uninstalling.


                I'd suggest a chat with Adobe just to make sure.  I think you have the rights to have CS5 installed on 2 machines, but it may limit you to one activated at a time.  In my case, I only deactivated, and will uninstall later.


                I don't know if you need an internet connection when you deactivate, but I did so you may also need to.


                I didn't have to use a trial version.  The sequence was 1) deactivate the copy on the old machine, and 2) downloaded/installed CS5.  It worked really well.  Remember, you can always re-activate the old copy if things don't go well when installing on the new machine.


                Hope this helps.  Once I understood the need to deactivate, it was pretty easy.

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                  bobmoran Level 1

                  Thank you for your answer (and the compliments about my English ).


                  CS5 is installed on both my desktop and my laptop that's why I wonder if I need to first desactivate it on my old laptop.


                  I'll try and keep informed the forum.

                  Again : thank you so much

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                    tdcarp Level 1

                    Sounds like you had two installations.  If I have it right, that's what you're allowed.  If you install on a new laptop or desktop, I'd guess you would want to deactivate one of the installs.


                    And please do keep the forum informed about what you do that works.  It'd be great to get confirmation that: two active installations are authorized, and you can install CS5 without activating it.  If true, this works well when moving to a new computer.  In my case, I deactivated the install on my old laptop before I downloaded CS5 onto my new.


                    I love having all the CS5 tools, but have no technical reason to upgrade, so the price becomes an issue.  Since I don't have CS5 for business use, the ability to stretch out the life span is important.

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                      bobmoran Level 1

                      To keep the forum informed: here is what I did, and it sounds good!


                      1) First of all, I updated Windows and all of my different softwares in order not to have request from the computer about that during the installation.

                      2) I installed CS5 as a trial version on the new laptop without entering the licence number

                      3) At the end of the installation, I had a warning message telling that some elements may not have been installed properly. The help page says to desactivate antivirus and firewall

                      4) I desactivate AV and FW and reinstalled CS5. Same message, I decided not to take it into account.

                      5) I try to use (with simple tests) PhotoShop, Audition, Premier Pro (I, mostly, only use these softs) : it worked

                      6) I turned off the new computer,

                      7) I turned on the oldest computer, and made sure I had an Internet connexion. Then I desactivated CS5 as said in the procedure: Help/desactivate and I chose "Desactivate permanently" because I won't use this laptop anymore. I've got a message telling the desactivation was OK. Then I switched off the computer.

                      8) Then I turned on the new computer, made sure I had an Internet connexion and launched PhotoShop. I've been asked to enter the licence number. I entered it.


                      And now it works ! No need to enter the licence number for the other softs when I launch it. "Encore" was not active on the trial version, but it now works as I entered the valid licence number.

                      "Camera raw" also works.


                      May be, due to the warning message, some specific CS5 applications may not work. I don't know. Bur for the basic uses I have, all is OK.


                      At last and not least : CS5 still works perfectly on my desktop as it is installed in 2 computers.


                      Best regards