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    Muse Website Scaling


      Is there a way to make Muse launch the website at a certain scale such as 50% instead of 100% (zoom wise)?


      My website was working fine till it launched on a different computer that had the scale different. I have been working to try to scale it no matter what size but nothing seems to be working.

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          ankushr40215001 Level 7

          Hello hannaht.


          Are you working on a fixed or a fluid (responsive) width site?


          As far as I know, this only happens with a fixed width site, however, a fluid width site will scale itself according to the viewport of your site.


          Please update so we can look into it further.





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            fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

            If users have set their browser to 200% I guess, there´s no chance to make the browser show it correctly unless with a fluid width site as ankushr40215001 mentioned.

            I had to teach this once to one of my clients, too.

            But the height will never be shown "correct" of course. It only shows as you intend in width with fluid width websites.


            Best Regards,


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              hannaht29811232 Level 1

              Fluid Width is what I am working with.

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                fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

                Now it starts to get a little boring . How about a link to your website with this issue?

                Teach your client not to use 200% scaling for browsers, I still have no idea what this should be good for, really, I must say.

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                  hannaht29811232 Level 1



                  Here is the link to the website. It gets a bit tricky because on my mac it looks okay but on my coworker's who have PC's the page is still off and things are overlapping and off centered.

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                    ncw92 Level 2

                    hannaht29811232 I opened your web page in my browser fullscreen (1920px across) and it displayed fine, but as I shrunk the browser in elements overlapped and the website broke. You say you're using fluid width, but are you actually designing the site to be responsive and setting breakpoints where necessary?

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                      hannaht29811232 Level 1

                      I might be misunderstanding how breakpoints work. I have looked at tutorials and have done my best. I might be doing the break points and dimensions wrong, however. Is there another way to go about this? Or do you have a tutorial that would be helpful? Is there a master page for what breakpoints I should be using?

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                        ncw92 Level 2

                        hannaht29811232 I'm on my phone right now so can't copy/paste links easily, but have a search on YouTube for 'Adobe Muse responsive design', I'm sure there will be loads of tutorials, there is also an Adobe video introducing it within the Muse part of Adobe's website - it uses a 'pigeon scooter' website as an example.


                        As a basic rule though, breakpoints should be inserted when your site begins to break. For instance, if you have a 1200px width site that has a menu at the top, and a logo on the left of it, and as you drag in the menu begins to overlap at 800px, then that's where you would create a breakpoint, allowing you to resize/move/edit content to fit the smaller window. Similarly, if you had a web page with some images and text, and as you drag in you notice that at 1000px the image doesn't align properly, or the text looks out of place, you can create a breakpoint and then resize/move those elements. There is no set guideline for breakpoints, and many people use different techniques when using them, the best advice is to have a play and see what works. As a general rule though, building a site with fewer is always easier, and generally good practice would be to add one for common screen sizes - especially mobile - like the iPad's 768px width etc.

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                          hannaht29811232 Level 1

                          I've tried playing around with breakpoints and it completely throws of the website. Mostly because if text starts to overlap and I shrink it down then it messes up how it should be at 1800px. Is the trick to not shrink anything down?

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                            fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

                            Well you certainly did something "wrong".

                            This is the site after reducing browser width

                            Bildschirmfoto 2017-08-24 um 23.31.43.png

                            Icons are moving up as well as the SERVANT PARTNERSHIP..

                            This should never happen. Nothing should be outside the canvas any time.

                            Use the scrubber and watch out.

                            Bildschirmfoto 2017-08-24 um 23.36.39.png

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                              ncw92 Level 2

                              hannaht29811232 You must be doing something wrong because if you create a breakpoint the resizing/repositioning/hiding etc. you do for that breakpoint shouldn't carry over to the others.


                              After creating a breakpoint, check that the icon I've shown below is selected as such, the single T not the four Ts. This will ensure your changes are only occurring on the selected breakpoint.



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                                hannaht29811232 Level 1

                                You have just saved me. I can't thank you enough.