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    No sound when trying to play a .swa file with Japanese characters in its filename in a browser.

      (AS2, Flash Professional 8)
      I am unable to hear sound when I try to play a .swa file that has Japanese characters in its filename when I use the .html file created by publishing my flash movie. But if I hit Ctrl + Enter to test the movie, I can hear the sound so there seems to be a problem with the http environment. I think it is something to do with the double byte characters in the filename.

      An example of a filename is: ありがとう.swa

      The ActionScript that loads the file is:
      mySound.loadSound(list.selectedItem.data, true);
      where list.selectedItem.data contains the path to the file and the filename.

      Has anyone experienced similar problems? If so, how did you fix it?