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    What's wrong ?


      I tried to publish this photo 2 times without success. Each time the raison is "to much artefacts or noise". The first time I found a spalsh of dust in the sky, I corrected this and resubmit the picture. The second time the picture was again rejected for the same raison.

      Please can you check this photo and help me by telling me what's wrong ?

      Thanks a lot.


      Erable dore2.jpg

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          gregsonBM Level 1

          There are artefacts in the center of the image. You can see them at 100% and it's more obvious at 200%.

          The second problem could be the noise in the sky.



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            gregsonBM Level 1

            Have a look (with and w/o noise) - view in full size to see the difference:



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              jean-claude1 Level 1

              Thanks for your reply. Concerning the artefacts is it possible to correct that ? and how ? I've not shooted this picture in raw format but in JPG directly.


              Concerning the noise, it's obvious when I see your work. It's the first time I tried to publish photos on Adobe stock and I notice they are very demanding.

              I used DxO Optics Pro with clearness correction. I removed this correction to get rid the noise. How did you do ?


              Thanks for your help.

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                gregsonBM Level 1

                Did you processed the image and saved it afterwards with a lower quality settings? Low quality settings for the jpeg cause these artefacts. Hard to remove them later. To be honest, I don`t know how.

                Getting rid off the noise is easy. Use Lightroom and you should be fine. But be cautious not to do too much, otherwise you'll lose details in the image. Press the alt-key while doing so to see a b/w-preview (that'll make it easier).

                Clearness normally sharpens the image. This is not what you want to remove the noise.

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                  jean-claude1 Level 1

                  Thanks gregsonBM. I processed the image and then saved it at maximum quality.

                  I smoothed the image and re submitted it for the third time. If it will be rejected again, I will tried with another images shooted in raw format.

                  I think that the artefacts has been produced by my camera when it converted the image in jpeg.