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    Muse 2017.1 Objects shift vertically and now overlap

    vickicrane Level 1

      I'm in the process of building a new version of my existing website and when previewing the pages in the web browser, everything was OK before the update. Since the update, although everything looks OK on the page in Muse (in all breakpoints), when I preview in the web browser, some of the objects appear further up or down the page than they should be and some elements overlap when they are not supposed to (they don't in the design view in Muse).


      When working in different breakpoints (in design view), some of the menu bar options at the top of the page disappear - for example, the re-size and align options disappear on the mobile (725 pxl) and tablet (1038 pxl) breakpoints but not on the full width web breakpoint (1200 pxl).


      Some of the objects (e.g. text boxes, images etc) are not visible in all breakpoints even though 'hide in other breakpoints' hasn't been selected, yet the same objects were visible across all breakpoints before the update.


      I have tried saving to a different file name, creating a new file and copying the contents over, uninstalling and re-installing Muse... nothing works.


      Fortunately this is a re-design of my existing website, so my current website is online, visible and unaffected (for now!)... otherwise I'd be 100% annoyed, rather than about 98%...


      Everything was working OK and as expected before the update...! Come on Adobe, we're paying for this service - the least you can do is sort out the issues before releasing updates - otherwise you're in danger of becoming like Apple (who are experts are rushing updates out before sorting out issues!).