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    All cursors are switching to crosshair

    Mr_Critterfur Level 1

      Turning off caps lock, enlarging the brush size, and changing the cursor settings do not work for me.


      Caps lock doesn't affect it.


      The brush settings are set to standard, not precise. In fact, it doesn't matter what setting I use, it's always a crosshair. The only time it changes is if I turn on "use crosshair when painting. Then it's always a circle with a crosshair.


      And enlarging it turns it back to a circle, but as soon as I move the brush, it goes back to a crosshair.


      I am SERIOUSLY annoyed by this, because it did not do this 2 hours ago.


      I've turned "Use Hardware acceleration" on and off. Didn't affect it.



      The eye dropper tool shows an eye dropper, but as soon as I move it, it turns into a circle with a crosshair.


      How can I fix this?