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    XD file can't detected on XD mobile Apps even using latest XD desktop apps

    detowulung Level 1

      Hi all

      anyone know this bug?

      I've updated my XD on my MAC to ver also I update my XD android apps ver 1.2.5

      - I upload my file has created in XD ver to my Adobe Cloud

      - I open that files via XD mobile apps but there wrote "this XD file format is outdated. Please save the document with the latest version of XD and retry."

      - I contact xdmobilefeedback team, and share my files, they download my files, re upload and voila they can open it. Then they shared to me via collaboration

      - I open thats file on my XD android apps it works perfectly (except mine it always file format is outdated)

      - So I assume the trouble come from my XD desktop.


      Can anyone fix this issue?