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    Günter Menzl Level 1

      What is a ACP and how can i´ll be a Adobe Communication Professional.

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          anjakaiser Level 3

          Günter, according to this information https://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-7045#jive_content_id_Badges ACP means

          "Adobe Community Professional"- an officially-recognized product expert who can speak on behalf of Adobe, but not an employee. I guess you may apply for such?


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            v.poth Level 5

            ACP (Adobe Community Professional)


            When you see this orange ACP badge next to an answer in the forums, you'll know a product expert is behind it. This badge identifies members of the Adobe Community Professionals Program, customers like yourselves who are creative experts around the world and extremely knowledgeable about one or more of our applications. Not only are they passionate about our creative tools but also about volunteering their time to engage with and help anyone who comes to our forums to ask questions and learn more about how to be successful. They also provide a valuable feedback channel to Adobe's product teams and are part of the ACP community of like-minded peers with their own private community area to collaborate and discuss creative topics with one another.


            If you are interested in joining this program and have a great history of answering our users' questions, please complete this application so we can assess you as a member of the ACP program. All ACPs receive Creative Cloud and Lynda.com as part of their membership.

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              Alex Rochau Level 2

              For a long time FT has been famous for poor communication with their contributors (I think no one will deny this)  ... since Adobe many things are changing ... one of the first results - communicators are newly upgraded to " ... professionals" ... wow - what's the next step?

              Hopefully communication itself ...

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                anjakaiser Level 3

                The irony with this is, that those of us who actually do have a "great history" of answering questions wouldn't even be able to "prove" it, as the old forums aren't accessible anymore. Thinking of Sandy, who used to ran the whole thing, or Wilm, who was always there and always helpful, or Carola, who kept answering legal questions for many years ...
                But most likely the old forums aren't considered "an Adobe product" anyway.

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                  Günter Menzl Level 1

                  Anja, the irony is, that one of the „old Forum Mods” is actually a ACP, but i know you all now this.