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    Export to GIF, animation doesn't work.

    petera29453156 Level 1

      Okay, I have created a simple animation, I made out a symbol, of all the keyframes in the animation, to better resize it and position it to my tastes, instead of doing one at a time. There's a background behind it, which i made in a loop, but kept it in frames only, instead of making it a symbol, needn't need to resize that much or position it. Now my question is, that exporting it to a swf works like charm, both the things move, i.e. the first layer as intended to and the background layer too. Exporting it to gif, it doesn't move the symbol, it just shows the very first frame, still at it's first position,  but the background moves flawlessly. Why gif only works for keyframes, and not for the created symbols? And how to make it move now, I still have the keyframes from where i made it a symbol, used a new canvas to work upon. But, i will have to position each and every image again, for the animation. Is there any resolution to it or not? Plus, the gif i don't know how the system it works upon is, i am using high res pics, and it just made it all whacky, gave me a 4 times the size of the swf file, and still didn't work. Having doubts now, how the gif works here.