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    How To Distinguish Line,circle and Arcs in Current Document

    nathans47916809 Level 1

      Dear Friends,

           I am having path Arts in the current document.

           I read all the Path Arts by the Following code.


      ASErr error=kNoErr;

      AIArtSet artSet = NULL;

      AIArtSet SelectartSet=NULL;

      AIArtSpec specs[1] = {{kPathArt,0,0}};

      error = sAIArtSet->NewArtSet(&artSet);

      error = sAIArtSet->MatchingArtSet(specs, 1, artSet);

      size_t numArts = 0;

      sAIArtSet->CountArtSet(artSet, &numArts);



            Is It possible to find the Art is Circle or Line or Arc?.

            if it is Possible,give me your suggestions.



      Thank you Friends,