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    Slider images misaligned after sync and merge

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      When designing a slider "gallery" the New Hero and New Thumbnail image place holders are set as Fit Content Proportionally... I did not enter any images during design time bar a 0% opacity .png image as a placeholder - I want the user to enter the images as a learning curve.


      After and In-browser-editing session - after publishing, the images display correct in the browser even if not to a prescribed proportionate size (4:3 ratio or at least 1024x728px or larger). The images that does not comply with the 4:3 ratio have either a bar at the top and bottom or a bar on the left and right.




      Once back at the design desk and after a sync with the server, the images does not display correct.  The image origin is in the 0,0 position of the image holder, Thumbnail as well as Hero image.  To fix it I have to click on each image and reset it back to Fit Content Proportionally in the settings dialog and after 100's of images (for a property website) it becomes a tedious job - at times id does not want to be fixed. And this does not get fixed after an upload either


      You can have a look at the design website www.webdesigndemo.co.za  the Properties page and you will notice some of the images does not display correct. Below are some samples. In the first image the bathroom photo was taken in portrait mode.  After sync and merging with the server the image repositioned to the 0,0 position of the image frame although proprtionally in the portrait mode


      The second image did the same with all the lanscape images repositioned to 0,0 although proprtionally in the landscape mode.


      In the third image the first Thumbnail and Hero image display after I fixed it - after the same happend as in image-01 and image-02.


      The system works perfectly if the original image's width and height is more than the Hero image frame width and height and more-or less in the 4:3 ratio.  It was designed to be like this.








      Any suggestions would be welcome.