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      Below is the popup I get every time I save a PDF and I want to disable this? The popup appears in the bottom right corner of my screen every time. Reason being is because sometimes I need to batch print a huge list of PDFs and then save them all into different folders and this popup always gets in the way of the save button so I have to either wait for it to go away or exit out of it every time. Just want to disable the popup altogether! Any help or guidance is appreciated!



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          Dave__M Adobe Community Professional

          If running on Windows (10 for my screenshot), you should be able to enable/disable notifications from your Windows Notifications & actions System settings dialog.


          I hope this is helpful.

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            Hoover5896 Level 1

            Hi Dave,


            Thank you for the help. Odd thing is though, I do not even have Adobe Reader as an option to turn notifications off. So I have to click "Get notifications from apps and other senders" off which results in me not getting any popups for any apps, and I do not want that. I at least want popups for Outlook 2016. Any idea why I would not have Adobe Reader as a notification to turn off in this section?


            Again, I appreciate the help! Have a great weekend!

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              Dave__M Adobe Community Professional

              OK - let's sleuth a bit deeper.  Can you tell me how you are creating the multiple PDFs?  Printing from Word?  Another application?  That might help us track down a solution.


              A great weekend to you as well,


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                Hoover5896 Level 1

                No matter what I am printing from, the popup will come up. I am batch printing from another application, but the popup comes up if I do so from Word, or just save a PDF. Just seems odd that I do not have an Adobe Acrobat application to turn notifications off within notifications & actions.