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    Changed Adobe ID For Paid Subscription - Android App Shows Wrong Adobe ID




      I changed my Adobe ID for my paid subscription account 12 hours ago to a different email address. I then logged out from Creative Cloud in Windows, on my Mac, and on my Android Tablet and then logged back in with the new email address and now Creative Cloud on my Mac and Windows show the new Adobe ID email address after signing-in.


      However, on my Android tablet...

      • Creative Cloud - Shows the OLD Adobe ID.
      • PhotoShop - Shows the OLD Adobe ID.
      • Lightroom - Shows the NEW Adobe ID.


      Things I have tried:

      • Rebooting the tablet (many times, holding power, choosing power off, waiting, and pressing power button to turn back on).
      • Signing out and back in to the apps (always with the new email address) on all three apps.
      • Signing out and then going to the Android application manager and deleting cache and deleting application data for the apps and then re-signing in all three apps.
      • Signing out and then uninstalling all three apps and then going to Google Play and reinstalling them all and re-signing in.
      • Waiting 12 hours to see if it is a delay.


      The two Android apps always show the wrong Adobe ID email address after signing in with the proper new Adobe ID email address.