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    set jcr properties with js

    samuelel62866604 Level 1

      Hi guys,

      i'm using cq5.5 and i need to retrieve a property inside the loadcontent of a dialog, i can do it with the following code:


      loadcontent="function(comp) {

         var properties = CQ.shared.HTTP.eval(CQ.shared.HTTP.noCaching(dlg.path+'.-1.json'));

         if(properties.myVar== undefined)

                   properties.myVar= '0';



      Now i need to update the value of myVar and save it inside the jcr:content

      Is there a way to do it?


      I can create for example something like this (it is a pseudocode):


      var panel = comp.findParentByType('panel');

      var myVar = new CQ.form.TextField({








      but i suppose that exist a simpler way...


      In particular i need also to set a property inside the parent page and i cant do it with the previous approach.