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    Hosting a Flex Application

      Hi, I am an individual Java developer looking to learn, build and deploy a Flex app. I am a newbie at Flex. So, I have seen several screencasts and have noticed that the UI would consist of several .swf files. To host such files or in broader terms, the Flex app, do I need to use a different hosting solution than those available for hosting modern web 2.0 applications. Or do I need to pay adobe again for hosting a flex app? Basically, I am looking at how cost effective it would be to host a flex app since the IDE itself costs 250 bucks...
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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6
          You can put your Flex app anywhere you want in your web server, and refer to it via the URL. My whole website is just one Flex app:

          I have a SWF ChikaraDev.swf that is referenced in index.html, the main page of my Flex app.

          So you can have a variety of SWF files referenced in your web pages and presto, your Flex apps are hosted. The FB3 help has info on this.
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            atkt_forever Level 1
            so don't you pay adobe for using their technology in your website (or for commercial purposes). I am unable to find a good place to check this out. I may even plan to use Flex Data Services, Blaze DS....I want to build a commercial web based flex app and just want to know how much I would need to pay out of my pocket. So far I know that the IDE costs. I am not sure of Flex Data Services or Flex Lifecycle....I was able to download a preconfigured tomcat server with FDS in it but adobe website seems to have trial versions of it. I wonder if FDS costs too?
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              Gregory Lafrance Level 6
              I believe the free FDS (now called LSDS) does not support clustering. There may be other restrictions. You don't pay Sun when you create a Java app, same for Flex.