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    Unable to Isolate Audio Track


      Hi all,


      I'm working an a second video essay for my philosophy of film course.  I ripped the blu-ray of "Boogie Nights" for it using the program CloneBD.  The film has three English language audio tracks that I ripped: the film's main audio and two separate commentaries.  I'd like to use some audio from the commentary track by the film's director, PT Anderson.  Unfortunately, when I import it, it has only two audio tracks.  The first one is the film's main audio, and the second one is both audio commentaries overlaid on one another.  Does anyone know if there's a way to import it with three audio tracks?  Is there a way to separate the two combined commentary tracks?  Any other ideas?

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          Erik Lord Adobe Community Professional

          Since this is for a class, copyright shouldn't be a concern, but know about that.

          Open the DVD on your computer as a data disc - in other words, browse it with Windows Explorer instead of opening it with a DVD player or ripper.

          See if you can locate any MP3 (or perhaps MP4) files that may be the standalone audio tracks.

          It's been a while since I tried this but, depending on how the DVD was built, the audio tracks themselves may be separate from the video (VOB) tracks...so you may be able to just copy them directly off the disc.


          Things may have changed, or I may be misremembering.

          Otherwise it depends on what your ripping software can do.

          Try Handbrake? That may be able to extract a single audio track...

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            brianm72427365 Level 1

            Thanks, Erik.  I'll look into it.  I do have Handbreak, but unfortunately, it can only handle DVDs.  I also plan to put the finished products on YouTube, but am copyright sensitive.