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    How to refresh a global variable

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      I have a batch labeling action wizard which stores the starting document # in a global variable as "global.dnum".  The default start value is 1 (e.g., document 1).  I noticed if the user does not completely close Adobe Acrobat after labeling a batch of documents and then starts the action wizard again to label the next batch of documents, the action wizard skips the first document and instead labels the 2nd document with document 1 instead of document 2.  My guess is this happens because the global variable needs to be reset.  How can I force a reset/refresh of global.dnum so the user can label a set of say 10 documents and then label another set of 15 different documents, etc. without having to close Adobe Acrobat to ensure the right starting document number of 1 for each batch of documents?


      Using Acrobat Pro IX.