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    Patenting Flash Functions

      Sorry if this isn't very clear, and/or if this is a naive question, but I'm not an experienced developer, and definitely not a patent expert.
      Specifically, I'm wondering if a developer can patent something created with Actionscript?
      Could you file for a patent for specific lines of code within an application?
      Could you file for a patent for the application as a whole, if it included Actionscript as part of it?

      I understand that you could try to copyright or patent the concept, but in this case it would essentially have to be the lines of code itself; the idea/concept has too many examples of prior art. I guess it would fall under a "utility" patent? ( USPTO Description of patent types)

      Unfortunately I shouldn't give out the specifics of the situation, but I'm more or less hoping to hear you can NOT patent lines of code written in Actionscript as part of a web application :^)

      Reading the Adobe EULA didn't seem to clarify whether or not Adobe owns intellectual property rights to "End User Products" created with their products...if that is clear somewhere in the license, please point me to it.