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    Problems with air.swf

    billbrasky66 Level 1
      On OSX / Safari, I'm having problems where getApplicationVersion in air.swf never returns. It only seems to happen when the system is under heavy load. I see a little box appear on the dock and disappear when it launches the app to check the version, but my callback never gets executed. If the system is idle, it works fine. It also works fine on Windows.

      Is the source code for air.swf available? I decompiled it and noticed that it registers event handlers for ASYNC_ERROR and SECURITY_ERROR, but it looks to me like those event handlers do nothing. I wrapped the method itself in a try/catch and no error was thrown during the invoke of the method. Is there any other way to catch those events?

      The PC in question is a mini core solo 1GB running OSX 10.4.11, Flash player 9.0.124, Air 1.1. I've tested in both Safari 3.1.1 and Firefox 3.0.
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          Oliver Goldman Adobe Employee
          The logic in air.swf waits a maximum of five seconds for a response from AIR. It sounds like you're probably exceeding this timeout on the loaded machine. We'll look into increasing that limit, which probably doesn't need to be so tight.

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            billbrasky66 Level 1
            Thanks. Some error reporting would be nice too in the event that it times out. I think I've fixed it on my side though. My code was checking right away after getting the load event from air.swf. I changed it so that it starts a timer after getting the load and checks every 5 seconds until it finds my AIR app. This seems to work since if it doesn't work the first time it works the second.