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    Im SO F_ING MAD (Photoshop cc2017 not detecting my tablet pen pressure)


      So Im really mad. Adobe makes it impossible to talk to a f-ing HUMAN BEING to deal with your problems. Instead I have to go make a f-ing FORUM ASK to even try to get in contact with anyone. You're losing points Adobe, you're losing points.


      Anyways. So I have a problem with Photoshop not detecting my tablet. It started last night, when I think I still had CC2016. I have an Ugee 19.1 tablet screen that runs on different drivers than Wacom, and I had been drawing for a good 2 hours no problem. Then, all of a sudden, in the middle of me drawing a stroke, the pen pressure goes out. I try the usual things, uninstall and reinstall my tablet drivers, uninstall and reinstall photoshop, update photoshop to cc2017, but NOTHING IS WORKING. I also am using Windows 10. I've been sitting at my desk for the past 2 hours trying to fix this problem because without pen pressure, I cant f-ing work. And I DID try to create a .txt file and put it in the appdata\roaming\whatever\settings location, but my f-ing computer with Windows 10 wont actually let me search the file location, and instead just throws the search term into bing or google, and I get sent right back to the Adobe page where it tells you to do that. So I REALLY need to either live chat, or get on the phone with someone because the options for the issue I'm having ONLY LET ME MAKE A F-ING FORUM POST.


      Please help me or you will be losing a customer due to your bad customer service.