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    load part of a sequence and iterate

    getho Level 2

      say I have 1000 jpegs.  I want to load 0001-0010 into layers, create a smart object from them then run an action.


      I then want to load 0002-0011 and repeat, spitting out a new jpeg sequence


      Does anyone know if there is a script out there that I can use as a starting point for this?  I'm happy to hack and learn bits as I go, but starting absolutely from scratch is a bit daunting.  I know a little javascript and I used to used lingo (anyone remember that!?)


      How hard can it be ?

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          Tomas Sinkunas Adobe Community Professional

          Sounds doable, but need more info:

          1. Should each imported layer be converted to Smart Object, or the entire set should be Smart Object?

          2. What should happen after you apply action? Should it save & close the document?

          3  What do you mean by spitting out a new jpeg sequence ?

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            getho Level 2

            hi tomas thanks for responding

            1. one smart object (the plan is to apply smart object stack modes)

            2 & 3: Document should be exported to jpeg and closed (that's what I mean by spitting out new sequence).  ie if the original images were 0001.jpg - 1000.jpg, the new sequence would be the same but saved somewhere else.


            I guess this would need to work from bridge and have all the images sent as a batch.

            why not save psds? because with 1000 pics tweaking the psds is not viable - all the tweaking needs to be done in the action