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    After effects colour change transition


      Hello all


      I've just started using After Effects and I have to say it's a very steep learning curve and really time consuming!


      I hope this makes sense to some of the more seasoned users.


      1. I have added several text layers to an explainer video for a cleaning product
      2. Each text layer appears as the narrator speaks the words 'Hard and soft surfaces', so the word hard is on one text layer, the word and is on another layer and so on.
      3. The words are a 'dirty' green, but when they are sprayed with the cleaning product, I'd like them to do a slow but simultaneous transition to a 'clean' blue.
      4. In order to get each layer to change colour at the same time, do I need to Precompose all four layers together and then apply the colour change effect?
      5. If so, what's the best (easiest) effect to use to achieve this?


      Thank you!



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You could probably do it in one bold sweep by using a single text layer with text animators for color and opacity. Otherwise pre-composing might be advisable, though it realyl depends on how you have laid out the text. In the end it may be simpler to deal with multiple layers. As such, for the life of it don't use "dumb" effects like Change To Color. Instead crossfade between two versions of the same text or use more controllable color effects like Hue/ Saturation or Tint and animate their internal strength& opacity.