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        I have the same problem. The so called helpful web page with a contact link just leads to the same forum with the same article. It's a loop and dead end (äh, no end).

          Harshika1234567890G Level 2
          • There are three ways to get support at Adobe.
            • Chat
            • Phone
            • Forums
          • Scroll down for instructions on how to contact us via one of those methods:


          • Chat:
            • Adobe provides chat support from specially trained Adobe agents.
            • limited wait time, but faster than phone support.
            • available for Premiere Pro Creative Cloud customers.
            • If you have CS6, or earlier:
              • do not contact agents via chat or phone if you have a troubleshooting or "how to" issue.
              • please create a forum post.


            • limited availability, 5 AM to 7 PM PST hours, weekdays only.
            • guarantees a response from Adobe.
            • click here to begin a chat.
            • click the blue button (Sign in to begin), choose your product & issue, click  "Show me my contact options".
            familiep22999107 Level 1

            The above answer might be right but is not helpful in this case:

            we are talking about a problem in Adobe Digital Editions! This is a free service not included in a plan.

            When I follow the presented link to begin a chat I will be led to a page

               What are my contact options?

            where the "Digital Editions" is not mentioned.

            All other hints/links always lead to a loop with no help.

            There seems no way to a person to reset the counter by choosing a product, choosing a plan and get a personal contact.

            I would like a button in my profile for Digital Editions to reset the counter when pushing.


            further on: 30.08.2017

            On the support page

               Contact Customer Care

            if you choose by question "

            1. What can we help you with?


            the second option "Free Adobe Apps" (and Adobe Digital Editions is a free app, or by what am I paying for it) it said on the following page:

            "Free Adobe apps are eligible only for community support.

            If you continue, we can help route you to the best community to help solve your issue."

            which means no contact to a person who can click a button in the system or reset the counter.


            So this means I should choose the first option "Account issues". I think I will try it a second time. and report.

            On the other hand I am thankful for any hint to the solution(!!!)