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    PhD as EPUB - help a newbie


      Hi all,


      I'm very close to finishing my PhD - yay! As my research includes multimedia files, I'm hoping to use InDesign to create a fixed layout EPub. I've been watching a few InDesign tutorials and have a reasonable idea of what is involved. In particular, Terry White's videos on Youtube have been informative.


      I've done all my writing in Scrivener, which will output a Word Doc that I plan to place into my InDesign Document.


      The advice I'm seeking is this: In which order should I do everything? For example:


      1. Is the TOC best generated in InDesign?

      2. I have a large number of Figures - how should I handle these - I guess this relates to the TOC

      3. Is there an easy way to make sure all audio file player icons are the same size?

      4. Can/Should I make the text size user definable? That might screw up my formatting and break Figure labels from the figures themselves.


      There's probably a lot of other pitfalls but I'm hoping to avoid a few with some decent planning.


      Many thanks



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          Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

          My thoughts:


          First of all make sure you have incremental back-ups, on and off-site, of your work.


          Yes create your ToC in InDesign.


          Are you sure you want to present your work as a FXL ePub – it means anyone viewing it has to have a compatible device.


          By the way, the text in a FXL ePub is fixed – it's a Reflowable ePub where users can change the type size.


          If you really do have to have a digital version of your work, have have a look at InDesign's Publish Online and also in5.


          Make sure your videos are not too large. Consider instead of embedding them, linking them to an external source.


          Allow lots of time for testing and overcoming issues, test the output on as many readers and devices as possible.


          Have a back-up plan if your first digital method doesn't work.

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            wdazzjazz Level 1

            Thanks Derek,


            Will heed your advice.