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    Can't get ANYR&D's PPCC shopping component to function


      I have purchased a simple shopping cart system that lets you integrate paypal into flash. It is called ANYRD PPCC. It consists of just a few components. PPCC_Cart_Engine, a PPCC_Add_Item_To_Cart component, a PPCC_Cart_contents component, and finally a PCC_Checkout component. All of these components are simply dragged and dropped onto the stage and then they do function.

      However, i can only get them to function if i put them all on the same exact same frame. That isn't very useful to me because i want to have several pages of items that can be purchased. If i dont have the PPCC_Cart_Engine on the exact same frame as the cart contents component, the cart contents is simply invisible. Likewise, if i place the engine on the same frame as cart contents but then place the add item components on a different frame, then clicking these components does not add an item to the cart contents. Also, the limited instructions that came with this shopping cart said that each movie must only have one PPCC_Cart_Engine... so that is not a solution.

      I'm really stuck just now.. any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!