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    Panels NOT working - Fireworks CS6


      Many of the panels in Fireworks CS6 are not working anymore. The align panel is just all white (no buttons/options). The path panel is flickering between states. I'm pretty sure this might be some kind of Flash Player problem, but I've tried a bunch of things and can't get anything to work. I even uninstalled Flash CS6 and Fireworks CS6 and reinstalled. I'm running Windows 10. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

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          Writing Spider

          I'm running Windows 7 and I'm not seeing flickering but some of the panels and functions just do not work.  Adobe killed a great product.  I'm sure all the new ones are much better, but for UI/UX fireworks was a simple and quick tool.


          I can't answer your question unfortunately, but I guess the long term answer is learn the new products (and upgrade to Windoze 10 or switch to Apple :{)