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    Shape Dynamics brushstrokes are not sharp

    Micksolee Level 1

      I can't remember when it changed, but it was recently that I noticed.

      Normally the ends of the brushstrokes are sharp, now they end up like a round blob.


      I played around with the brush settings and pen settings, but I don't seem to get it to work.

      The only way to get sharp points is by using a stabilizator software like lazy uzumi.

      Also reinstalled, used different drivers and reset preferences.
      Below is an example of the problem.



      More interesting things that I found out. I tested it with different versions, different tablets, different pc's/laptops.

      It all had the same result. I hope someone has an asnwer, thanks in advance.

      Gyazo - b43a5cbbfa43000955c05f6d89e61cda.png