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    Adobe Support  - Horrible, Useless - Activation Issue


      I am posting this here merely to inform other users of my horrible experience with Adobe Support.  I realize this is a user forum and I don't expect resolution for the activation issue I'm having.  For others experiencing frustration with Adobe support, know that you are not alone.


      I manage 75 Adobe Acrobat X licenses.  It is not unusual for users' laptops to have (multiple) hard drive crashes given the environments they run in.  Acrobat only allows 2 activations per license.  No problem.  However, when a user's hard drive crashes he no longer has the ability to deactivate the license, hence the need for more activations.  Adobe used to be able to easily increase the number of activations.  All that required was waiting 1 to 2 hours on-hold before a support rep came on the line.  Within 5 minutes the activation was increased, and my user could once again use the software.


      Recently, I had need to increase the activations for a user whose hard drive had once again crashed.  I have been trying to get this resolved since July 18, 2017.  Today is August 25, 2017.  I have had numerous chat sessions with tech support, including the last one where the rep spent 1 hour re-installing Acrobat via remote session - to no avail.  The rep. promised that someone would call within 24 hours for further resolution.  That never happened.


      I have well over 15 hours in this matter with tech support.  That includes waiting 45-90 minutes each time for a chat rep to get online.  What that doesn't include is being told by the chat rep that it will take 36-48 hours for someone to increase the number of activations (initial contact).  Never mind that my user needed the software to work immediately.


      Since then, I have been updating the most recent Case 0189154488 with my notes.  My last entry was on August 14.  At some point after that Adobe closed the case without notifying me.  They never responded.  Following is the list of my support cases and my notes from the most recent attempt to resolve this issue.  Notice that there is a case that says "In Process with Agent."  That's rubbish.  No agent has ever touched that case since it was opened.  The most recent case that was closed said "In Process with Agent" the entire time it was open, but that never happened.


      Adobe can't fix problems it isn't aware of.  If anyone from Adobe sees this, now you are aware.  Adobe "Support", if you want to call it that, is awful.  Here's why:

      1. 45+ minute wait times to get hold of support.

      2. Being told that it will take 2-3 days to resolve an activation issue.

      3. Ineffective resolutions that created need for additional support cases.

      4. Promises for a call back...never received.

      5. Not one response to my comments on the case.

      6. Closing the case without notifying me.



      August 22, 2017    Activate limit reached    0189154488    Closed

      July 29, 2017        0189150905    Closed

      July 28, 2017        0189148649    Closed

      July 27, 2017    activation increase    0222680404    Closed

      July 21, 2017        0189131193    In Process with Agent

      July 18, 2017    Activation help    0222585405    Closed


      Activate limit reached Acrobat - 0189154488


          August 14, 2017

              Me 03:50 AM

              August 14, 2017.  Last post by me was on August 9, 2017.  Still no response from Adobe on this case.  Case says in process with Agent.  How is this acceptable?

          August 9, 2017

              Me 02:59 PM

              August 9, 2017.  Last post from me was on August 3, 2017.  Still no response from Adobe support on this case.  Case status is "in

              Process with Agent".  Does anyone in support care about me as THE CUSTOMER?  If so, please resolve this matter.

          August 3, 2017

              Me 11:00 AM

              My last post was on July 31.  Today is August 3, 2017.  I was supposed to receive a response within 24 hours.  Please resolve this

               matter.  It is very simple.  Increase the number of activations for this license.

          July 31, 2017

              Me 04:28 PM

              When will this matter be resolved?  I have been trying to get the number of activations increased for my user since July 21, so that he can activate his software.  As I have explained on numerous occasions, his machine has had 2 hard drive failures and we are unable to de-activate the previous licenses.  On July 28 a tech did a remote session to try to resolve the issue.  It was not resolved.  We were told that someone would call us within 24 hours.  That did not happen.  Today is July 31.  Does anyone at Adobe care about this matter?


          July 28, 2017

              Me 09:05 AM

              I need the number of activations increased for Acrobat license....