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    Page Content doesn't start Below Header/Top Nav


      The page content on my child pages of my Muse website does suddenly started positioning itself behind the header making it impossible to scroll to see the top of each of the child pages with my second page master. I don't know what I have done. The header/menu display properly but, the middle page content does not. It sits behind the header and it only scrolls down. Any ideas? Thank you.

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          ankushr40215001 Level 7

          Hello GPMC,


          Many apologies for all the trouble caused.

          This break was very unexpected even for us and really embarrassing.


          However, We have done a little research on this issue and it is observed that the customers who have a header designed for the master page and it has an element  (rectangle in our cases ) that is pinned to top and resize property set to “Stretch to browser width”, are facing this issue.


          Our team has tried to make a fix via a .mulib file for "objects shifting vertically" in the latest update.


          Steps to install :


          -    Download the .mulib file from the shared link - https://adobe.ly/2vjkLuZ

          -    Double click the .mulib file ( This would add the .mulib in library)

          -    Open Master or Child(wherever the issue is seen)

          -    Insert the Vertical shift .mullib in page(anywhere)

          -    Preview the page where vertical shift was a problem


          Please validate if it resolved the issue so we can document it.





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