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    Cut marks for professional printing


      Hi - I am new to Photoshop and certainly unaware of the finer distinctions btw the many Adobe products. But I have an artwork in Photoshop that I would like to email my professional printing partner for printing. He requires cutting marks on the generated pdf file - how do I do that in Photoshop - if at all possible.




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          You can define trim marks by e.g. saving a PDF and adjusting the PDF settings to include them based on your margins. Otherwise you can draw them manually, though typically they need to be vector-based and would be generated using teh respective functions in InDesign or Illustrator for technical and practical reasons. If you can't include printer's marks, it should be sufficient to set the artboard size to include all margins and bleeds and write the printer a little note how big they are. More than anything else, getting stuff printed properly is about communicating your intentions as best as you can.