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    Bamboo Ink not properly working with CS6 on Lenovo Yoga 520


      Hi folks,


      yesterday I got a new Lenovo Yoga 520 2-in-1 laptop (Windows 10 + latest updates) with a Nvidia 940m. I have disabled that card in Photoshop, and now it works a bit, but not great.


      When I have my laptop in tablet drawing mode and I use the Wacom Bamboo Ink stylus, Photoshop CS6 doesn't really respond in a timely manner. Trying to switch brush or colour takes up to a full minute, which is less than acceptable. This problem does not exist if I have my laptop in laptop mode with a mouse. In other programs the stylus works just fine, it's a Photoshop specific problem.


      I'd really like to figure out what the problem is before I can't return the pen anymore and get my money back. I specifically got this laptop so I could flip it over for drawing. I'd rather return everything than get a stupid subscription for Creative Cloud or whatever, I really despise subscription based models for pc programs that should be a buy-once-own-forever deal.


      Thanks folks.