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    Similar Image already submitted - Really not that similar?


      Hi All,


      I'm a new contributor, so apologies in advance if this is an obvious answer to this question.


      I got back from a tour of a few different wineries and wanted to submit a few of my photos to Adobe Stock.  (Keep in mind there are no other winery related photos in my portfolio)  The first one was a wide angle view of of the barrels in storage.  It got accepted.


      wine barrels 1.jpg



      When i try to submit a closeup overhead view of another set of wine barrels (actually from a different winery) it keeps getting rejected as being a similar item.  Just because the subject is a wine barrel, i think it is a very different view.  Should this really be rejected according to policy?


      wine barrel 2.jpg



      I understand if it is a slightly different angle or a similar composition, but I think these are 2 very different shots and have different uses.   Can i really only have 1 picture of a wine barrel in my portfolio?  Even the text mentions you can have color variations of the SAME image, so how is a different image with a different composition rejected?


      I tried re-submitting just in case it was a mistake the first time, but it got rejected again.


      Anyway, please let me know if i am missing something or just not seeing something  because i am too close to the topic to see that they really are too similar.