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    Paris Opera House - Intellectual Property

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      Hi All,


      Again, apologies in advance, as I am new to all of this.  On a recent trip to Paris, I took some photos of the opera house in Paris.  I noticed on Adobe Stock and other sites had accepted pictures of the inside of the Palais Garner without property releases and list them for sale.  Here's one example from adobe:

      https://stock.adobe.com/stock-photo/the-interior-of-grand-opera-in-paris/30257289?prev_url =detail


      However, my submission of the same scene is rejected for 'Intellectual Property Refusal'





      I get it that it's a ticketed location and that for some venues this would not be acceptable for a stock photo.  I just don't understand if other photos of the interior are acceptable, why mine wouldn't also be acceptable.


      Also, I can't imagine it is rejected because people are in it as none are discernible and i submitted a similar picture without people that also got rejected from a different angle.


      Any thoughts?

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          le fait qu'il y ai déjà des images similaires acceptées n'est pas une raison pour en  soumettre d'autres


          les validations sont faites par des humains qui ont des faiblesses et parfois des images sont validées à tord
          l'intérieur de l'opéra de Paris et les décors, fresques peintures sont protégés
          seule la facade extérieure est autorisée sans personnes sur la photo.
          les personnes reconnaissables doivent avoir une autorisation ou doivent être floutées,  rendues non reconnaissables


          j'espère avoir pu d'aider dans ta question





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            Google Translate for posterity:





            The fact that there are already similar images accepted is not a reason to submit other images


            The validations are made by humans who have weaknesses and sometimes images are validated

            The interior of the Paris Opera and the decorations, frescoes paintings are protected

            Only the exterior facade is allowed without people on the picture.

            Recognizable persons must have an authorization or must be blurred, rendered unrecognizable


            I hope to have helped in your question