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    After Importing...then what?


      I've got my puppet (in the Adobe Blank Template) imported into the program. (At least it looks like the video tutorials). I attempted stapling the arms to the torso and installing Handles at the elbows, wrists and hands. But when I select an arm and try to drag it to a new position, the whole arm disassociates from the Torso. When I click on the Handle in the Hand and try to bend the barm at the elbow, nothing happens,


      What am I missing?




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          angie_taylor Adobe Community Professional

          Hi there,


          First off, it looks like you've changed the naming of the layers. I'd recommend keeping the exact naming structure that is used in the example puppets. So the TORSO layer should be renamed Body. The arms should be Left Arm and Right Arm etc. You also have some unnamed layers in there. The naming is important as it tells CA which part is which. You will also need to check that you have the codes in the right places. Here's a sreenshot of an example of the correct naming for draggable arms and legs.


          Screenshot 2017-08-27 13.33.51.png

          Notice the + preceding the Character group, the arms being on the same layer and the draggable Left and Right hand control points below. You will need to use a similar structure.


          I recommend using one of the template characters as a starting point, just replace the artwork on the layers with your own but maintain the layer order and structure.

          Screenshot 2017-08-27 13.42.32.png


          Good luck :-)


          Angie Taylor