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    Photoshop CC 2015 auto save doesn't save working file?

    Shawnna2011 Level 1

      Hello all, I've encountered this problem for a while now, but just today it's bitten me in the rear severely enough to come here and confront it.


      It seems that Photoshop's "auto save" only saves out whatever images you have open except the one you're working on?  This happens to me at home and at work.  If the thing crashes, and you reopen the program, it'll bring up all the reference images you had up, background files, whatever, but the file you were actually working on will not recover.  Is there something I need to change in my preferences or is this a known issue?  It's become a huge pain. Today I lost days of work, and sure enough, upon reopening, it'll bring up everything except the file I was doing work in. 


      Another issue is it seems like the auto-save working at all seems like a roll of the dice.  I saw a lot of other people having an issue where there simply are no recoveries at all.