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    C'mon Adobe Are you listening at ALL??????

    bruce34567 Level 1
      Have been asking for many years now for a CLEAN shockwave install without Norton or google bars etc, apparently no one at Adobe is listening as the latest shockwave install is slinging norton software uggggh!
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          bruce34567 Level 1
          Apparently embedding this gobbly **** in the shockwave install is more important for adobe and its stockholders than us developers who buy the product and develop content.

          I have heard developers asking for this FOR YEARS, Why is Adobe ignoring the very people who make the product possible?????????????????? Why Adobe??????????????

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            Level 7
            Because Adobe makes more money off the "add-ons" than they do from
            selling developer licenses. As I understand it, not enough licenses are
            sold to even cover the cost of further developing Director. So this
            money which they receive from Norton/Google is what is paying the
            salaries of the Director development team. Without it, there would be
            no development team and no future upgrades.

            I, too, hate these addons. They are annoying and unprofessional and make
            my work look annoying and unprofessional. (Not that I make shockwave
            software for the web much)... But given the choice of having to uncheck
            the checkbox on the installer vs not having any hope of future
            improvements, I would choose to deal with the status quo.

            Bear in mind that the decision makers at Adobe are interested in making
            money. You may not like it, I may not like it, but that is the truth of
            it. They are a publicly traded company. If Director development costs
            more than it brings in, well, it isn't a hard decision to cut it... I
            for one am hoping that things improve in the future, but for now, that
            checkbox is what is keeping development alive for another few years.
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              mziskandar Level 1
              Those add-on sucks! Not because of the product suck, but the way of the distribution. If I need Norton I will google Norton.

              Last time I installed the latest Shockwave player.. click.. click.. click.. and done (yup.. everybody read terms like I did). Suddenly, the next day I found out a Norton 'whatever' Icon on my desktop.. as for my opinion. Norton sucks. I prefer NOD and Avast. Luckily, the uninstallation works fine (sometimes its hard to remove antivirus).

              Maybe there's a check box (not to include those add-on). My request is, Adobe should make it bigger so that I will unchecked it easily - and you tell your investor that bigger sign is for better ads.
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                I find it hard to believe that adobe 'needs' google ads to pay their cost. I've seen some of the shabbiest hiring and recruiting practices all across the country. If adobe wants to make or improve a great product it needs COMPETENT programmers (and competent recruiters to find them) as well as marketing experts.

                If other software developers out there, some that only provide a 3D game engine, can successfully produce software and upgrades at reasonable development cost/sales ratio, then I think adobe can also. Adobe also sells a lot of other software that they can use to advertise Director during its installation or even at runtime. Acrobat reader being a perfect example.

                I'm not buying it. I think it just boils down to greed, and sloth. The two things that I think are heavily responsible for the current economic depression and rampant homelessness (of sub third-world conditions) in America.

                Personally, it doesn't bother me so much. I just wished they would leave it unchecked by default.