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    What is the benefit of using a Vega FE over Vega RX 64?

    estarkey Level 1

      I am asking this question specifically about the AMD RX Vega Frontier Edition vs. the standard RX Vega 64 version of the card. I know the actual GPUs are identical, but are there any of the following differences:


      • 10-bit color support?
      • Hardware HEVC/H.265 encode or decode?
      • Realtime RAW/4K/8K playback?
      • Will the additional 8GB or RAM make that much of a difference?
      • Additional features unlocked from the driver that aren't available on the AMD RX Vega 64?

      I am currently building a new workstation with a Threadripper 1950x processor and I'm curious if the cost of this card is worth it, or should I just take the $300 difference and add more system memory and get the standard RX Vega 64 instead.