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    export multiple paths from adobe photoshop cs6 to adobe indesign cs6 problem


      Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 10.11.27.pngI am having so much problems with my Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Adobe Indesign CS6


      When I created 5 paths on a boxer image and saved all the paths in path 1 in my Adobe photoshop CS6


      I opened the boxer image my Adobe Indesign CS6 by creating a document in Indesign CS6 and placed the image on a red background in a indesign document.


      When I selected object/clipping path and selected type/ photoshop path 1.


      when the photoshop path 1 opened on the boxer image, it only showed ONE clipping path with red background and did not show other 4 clipping paths on the image.


      I went back to my Adobe photoshop CS6 and tried to select all the paths by pressing shift key & clicking the path on my mouse. It did show all the selected paths but when I made selection the selected paths on the image unfortuately it only showed ONE selected path not other 4 paths.


      I have TRIED using alternative methods by creating four paths separately  and opened the image in my Indesign CS6. It didn't work as the four paths didn't show the background.


      For example path 1 only show the clipped image with the red background. I selected OK and then selected path 2. it showed clipped path 2 without the clipped path 1 image. So I inverted path 2, it showed clipped path 2 with red background but not with clipped path 1.


      Any solutions would be very welcomed


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