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    Premiere Pro 2017 won't open any more


      Hey everybody!


      I am currently using adobe premiere, after effects etc. and last week I some how needed to update them in order to continue use them.

      However it then said that I am using these programs as a trial even though I have one year subscription.


      Now after these 7 days were over it said that I have to buy the programs, although I have the one year subscription. Even when trying to buy

      it, it says that I cannot have two subscriptions.


      I also tried uninstalling everything and downloading the programs individually, but with premiere pro for example, the window pops up showing

      "checking software license" and closes, pops and closes again in an endless cycle, never opening premiere pro.


      Anybody else have that problem? Anybody solved this problem?


      Would really appreciate any advice or solutions as I wasn't able to work on my project for a couple of days now.



      - Jacob L.


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