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    photoshop elements 9 stacks and albums


      Today I started experimenting with stacks in Photoshop Elements 9, because with a new camera I am taking many more similar photos.  The stacks looked to be rather handy.  Then I started selecting individual pictures to add to an album; however, it appears that the whole stack has to be either completely in or out of the album.  My album is essentially the best pictures to be distributed, so obviously I don't want the whole stack.


      So is this a limitation?  Any ideas on working around it or using a different work flow?  Even if I add individual pictures to the album before I stack them, the whole stack is added to the album when I stack them.



      John S.

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          arshla jindal Adobe Employee

          Hi John,


          This is a designed behavior of stacks to be added to album in whole rather than in parts.


          So in case you would add/remove a part of stack to/from album, that operation would apply to complete stack.


          As an alternative to differentiate your best pictures, you can use the keyword tags feature. This would apply to individual images in a stack when you expand the stack and select only those images from there to which you want to apply a keyword.


          Let me know in case you've further queries.




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            jes91354 Level 1



            Thanks for your quick answer, even though I was afraid that was the case.


            I do use tags extensively, so I'm familiar with them, but I preferred to use albums for the collections.  Unfortunately I may have to go back to not using the stacks.


            John S.