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    can't draw or erase after using lasso tool


      hi there, i was using lasso tool to select part of the drawing, then move it with the move tool, after that i pressed b to come back to brush but the brush is not working, neither was the eraser. Anyone know what the problem is? other than my lack of knowledge

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          michelew83603738 Adobe Community Professional

          Are you releasing your selection? Are you trying to draw, erase in that same selection area? Try using the shortcut Cmd/Ctrl + D to release your selection and then see if those tools work.

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            theangietaylor Adobe Community Professional

            When you use the lasso tool to make a selection the drawing tools and eraser tool will only work within the selected area. In order to draw outside this area you first need to release the selection, as Michele points out in her message. To release a selection you can go to the Select menu and choose Deselect. Michele has also included the keyboard shortcut for this.


            The good thing about a selection is that it helps you to prevent drawing over areas that you want to protect. Just select the area that you want to draw inside and you should be able to draw inside the selection but not outside of it. Once you have finished drawing, or you want to draw in another area, release the selection.


            Hope this helps,


            Angie Taylor | Creative Cabin