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    Bildrestauration - Detailfrage


      Ich bin dabei ein Bild aus den 70er Jahren "aufzufrischen". Hierbei macht sich speziell die damalig gebräuchliche Bienenwabenstruktur der Bildoberfläche besonders störend in einer detaillierter strukturierten Menschenmenge (siehe Bild) bemerkbar...


      Kann mir jemand eventuell ein Verfahren "anregen", mit der man diese erwähnten Strukturen beseitigen kann, ohne daß man jede einzelne "Wabe" einzeln bearbeiten muß, also eine eher flächige Herangehensweise...?!?


      Vielen Dank für potentielle Anteilnahme!

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      I´am just busy reparing a picture from the 70s with it´s these times useful honeycomb structure of the surface. Actually this very much disturbs the surgery of a more detailed crowd of people (please see the attached picture)...


      Does anyone has a principal idea how I can let this pattern dissapear, without have to work the long way of ovcerpainting each and every comb, meaning a more planar method...?!?


      Thanks for the attention!


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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          I seem to recall one recommendation to scan such images four times, each time rotated 90˚ further and then combine those scans.

          But in your example the »dints« seem pretty flat – did you scan or photograph the original photograph?

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            Sehrum66 Level 1

            Thanks for answering.


            Interesting idea, which basic thinking I partly even can reconstruct.


            I do this work for a friend who indeed did scan the photo in 600 dpi...I was just thinking of scanning in a miner high resolution, but fearing/knowing that the faces and all the other details would loose their structures as well...so I was asking here...


            Do you mean "combining" their layer.styles...?!?

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              c.pfaffenbichler Level 9
              Do you mean "combining" their layer

              Stack the scans as Layers in one file, align them and then use Layer Masks or Smart Object Stack Modes to get a result that is intended to hide the effect of the paper’s structure as much as possible.


              But the image you posted seems peculiar for a scan, in my experience there usually is a stronger directional effect of the structure.

              Inits absence the whole 4-scan-approach seems useless.