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    Standard Licence Or Enhanced Licence For e-Books, Books, And Websites

    davidj81252387 Level 1

      Hi Guys,


      I hope someone from Adobe is able to clear this issue up for me.


      I'm a writer and want to use Adobe Stock Images for my e-book, print-on-demand book, and website for my books. I can see that the Standard Licence allows for up to 500,000 copies to be produced and after that, the Enhanced Licence is required to go over the 500,000 limit.


      It would be great to get over 500,000 sales for one of my books! But being a realist, I know that my sales will be way under 500,000 copies. So, what I can't find a clear answer to in the Adobe Stock T&Cs, is will the Standard Licence cover an image up to 500,000 copies that I can use on the cover of an e-book, print-on-demand paperback book, and my website, or will I need the Enhanced Licence, as from what I've read in the T&Cs, the Enhanced Licence is required from print-on-demand paperback books?


      Thanks in advance for your help with my query.


      Best wishes,