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    issues converting word files to pdf


      I recently got Adobe Acrobat 2017 and I'm trying to combine word files into a PDF off a a shared drive.  It says that no file can be created because of an unidentified error and then locks the word files for editing under my name until I restart my computer.  Please help!

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          Some users have found a workaround for a similar problem is to convert the Word files to PDFs first, then do the combining into one document. You might also try copying the files to the local C: drive on the PC before attempting to combine them (I've never seen this work, but I've seen this suggested elsewhere).

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            t1350 Level 1

            I started having a similar problem recently except it doesn't lock my files. And, the problem happens with the files on my local C: drive. I have to regularly combine 30-50 or 60 Word documents into a single PDF and its not realistic to make each one into a PDF file. Need a solution to this problem pretty bad.