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    Copy/past without additional Information



      as a designer, i have to wok a lot with Templates and Stylgide.

      To keep the Color and Fonts as specified, it would be a great Timesaver to choose

      if id rather like to copy the text with or without any Text information such as Color, Font,Size...

      Right now, to keep the Stylguide as it is, i have to copy Text from my source and paste the Text into the WIndows Editor. There it losses all additional information. Then Copy it ouf of the Editor again and paste it into my Template @ Photoshop. So it will keep the Color and Font as it is  specified in the Stylguide.

      My sources are usually Pdf, PowerPoint or older psd's

      Did i missed something or is this the only way atm. ?
      How do you du this ?
      Tnx for your Help